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This project forked from FlightGear/flightgear

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Mirror: FlightGear - Open source flight sim

Home Page:

License: GNU General Public License v2.0

CMake 0.89% HTML 0.48% C++ 91.12% Shell 0.25% Perl 0.94% C 2.43% Java 0.09% Python 0.91% Objective-C 0.73% Objective-C++ 0.15% QMake 0.01% Vim Script 0.04% QML 1.97%

flightgear-navlist's Introduction

Welcome to the FlightGear Flight Simulator project.

The primary web page for this project is:

For basic installation instructions see the "INSTALL" file.

Before you can run FlightGear you will also need to download and
install the "base" package which is a collection of textures, sounds,
sample scenery, and other data files needed by the sim.

For additional install help for specific platforms please browse the
"docs-mini/" subdirectory.

More complete documentation is available from our web page as a
separate distribution.

Please take a look at the "Thanks" file for a list of people who have
contributed to this project.  If you have contributed something but
don't find your name in this file.  Please send a polite reminder to

For a summary of changes/additions by version see the "NEWS" file.

This project is GPL'd.  For complete details on our licensing please
see the "COPYING" file.

For information on available mailing lists, mailing list archives, and
other available source code and documenation, please visit our web

FlightGear is a product of the collaboration of large international
group of volunteers.  FlightGear is a work in progress.  FlightGear
comes with no warrantee.  We hope you enjoy FlightGear and/or find it
of some value!

flightgear-navlist's People


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