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Nikhil Nigade's Projects

advancedcollectionview icon advancedcollectionview

Techniques, improvements, and a Swift port derived from WWDC 2014 Session 232, "Advanced User Interfaces Using Collection View"

ashton icon ashton

Converts NSAttributedStrings between AppKit, CoreText, UIKit and HTML.

atom icon atom

The hackable text editor

audios icon audios

Various Audio Recordings shared under the Creative Commons License

awesome-mac icon awesome-mac

 Now we have become very big, Different from the original idea. Collect premium software in various categories.

backgroundrefresh icon backgroundrefresh

Sample Skeleton Code for adopting Apple's new BackgroundRefresh Framework in your iOS App

bfnavigationcontroller icon bfnavigationcontroller

An approach to the bring the popular navigation controller (UINavigationController) to Mac OS X.

cache icon cache

Cache dependencies and build outputs in GitHub Actions

chameleon icon chameleon

Chameleon is a port of Apple's UIKit for iOS (and some minimal related frameworks) to Mac OS X.

charts icon charts

Beautiful charts for iOS/tvOS/OSX! The Apple side of the crossplatform MPAndroidChart.

chromakit icon chromakit

Swift APIs to create colours in the Lch, Lab, Oklch, and Oklab colour spaces

cocoalut icon cocoalut

LUT (3D lookup tables) for Cocoa applications.

codeedit icon codeedit

CodeEdit App for macOS – Elevate your code editing experience. Open source, free forever.

disque icon disque

A simple Disque client for Node.js and io.js.

dzdatasource icon dzdatasource

Combined Datasource for UITableView & UICollectionView.

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