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future plans

this express situation isn't going to resolve itself anytime soon because foundations take time and express isn't going to be the priority. there are few short-term courses of action:

  1. "fork" express, though really we'll just be creating a new framework. personally, i'm not really interested unless it's inherently promise-based. but i don't think we maintainers should just completely ditch the express ecosystem.
  2. piggy back on another framework like sails. like how express ditched connect, sails could ditch express, and we could try to make it more modular. or we could just move all the express stuff to a sails org or something.
  3. move all the "utilities" to some sort of "node-web-framework-utils" org. #2

these aren't all mutually exclusive, but i want 3) just for code organization. there are a lot of TJ's web modules that he didn't feel like transferring here because they weren't exactly express related. we could fork and continue maintaining them in this organization.

cc @rlidwka @mikermcneil

WebSockets Support

Hey what about web sockets support?

if you have a route like:


There should listen simultaneously a web socket for the same route and do exactly the same whether if xhr oder web socket request.

That could be a really nice thing, especially for modern browsers. No delay anymore...

Just an idea ;)

Notify ourselves of the change in Express' ownership.

See: expressjs/express#2264

@expressjs/owners @expressjs/collaborators @expressjs/sessions @expressjs/express-middleware @expressjs/logger (does @expressjs alone tag everyone? I don't know.)

@strongloop Why the hell were we not notified.

So this is a place where the rest of us can discuss this where it isn't blocked.

Re: @piscisaureus

We hear you, thanks for the constructive approach. It's not our intention to make any of the contributors uncomfortable.

Too late.

We're trying to find a long term solution; moving express to the expressjs github org is not completely out of the question. But if we were to move the repo we'd probably rather move it to a place where it's under control of an actual foundation (forgive me if I'm wrong - I don't think expressjs currently is?).

Sure, because letting it sit in limbo under your guys' ownership is going to make things better.

Of course express will remain a community open source project

Then just let it be completely open until things are sorted out with this new foundation talk.

Project migration status tracker

Going to use this to track our progress on migrating all the remaining stuff out of express core.
We'll just use this repo for these things, for now I guess haha.

Utils should be bundled for now.

If you want to take something, mark your name behind it like: (@Fishrock123)

GitHub user access cleanup

Hi @expressjs/owners, I'm working on auditing the current owners of the expressjs organization. If any of you think you don't need to actually be an owner, please let me know as a comment here or by email and I can remove you (I also think you have the ability to remove yourself).

I'm also going to be demoting the current owners that do not have 2FA on their GitHub account to just members of the organization for now. If you are affected, and want to be promoted back to an owner, please let me know 1) that you have setup 2FA on your GitHub account or 2) why you can't enable it (perhaps there is a legitimate reason).

I'm also doing some team cleanup, which may not really affect the owners here, but it also shouldn't affect anyone's access, just converting things to the new permissions model.

archive this repo?

ref: expressjs/discussions#134

@jonathanong - you have been identified as the last / most active committer in this repo which is inactive for a while. This ping is to check with you to determine:

  • whether do you have any specific maintenance plans with this repo
  • are you fine for this repo to be archived
  • do you believe if there is another stake holder / affected party who should know


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