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Hey! I'm Jaydip, a developer and pentester located in the United Kingdom.
Welcome to my GitHub profile!👋

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Jaydip M's Projects

8049 icon 8049

Code that runs the entire automation of my alter ego

aimware-mass-invite icon aimware-mass-invite

Ghetto conversion/port of the "Mass Invite" Lua made by Aviarita for Skeet/GameSense into Aimware

aurasms icon aurasms

AuraSMS is a OzekiNG SMS Gateway Wrapper for Python that sends messages to a Discord Webhook

boosting icon boosting

This repo contains any code that I created when I was boosting XP on CS:GO before Valve Software swiftly banned my main

csgo-1 icon csgo-1

🔫 Python package for interacting with CS:GO Game Coordinator

csgo-mates icon csgo-mates

Source code of the (now dead 😥)

csgo-nn icon csgo-nn

A python neural network for predicting cs:go pro matches with 66% accuracy.

decryptionkeys icon decryptionkeys

This Repository contains some major decryption keys used for some projects.

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