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Sergey Akentev's Projects

aiogram icon aiogram

Is a pretty simple and fully asynchronous library for Telegram Bot API written in Python 3.7 with asyncio and aiohttp.

aiogram-stub icon aiogram-stub

Template for creating flexible aiogram bots fast. MongoDB, Mixpanel and Sentry ready.

asynchrormous icon asynchrormous

A library which adds functionality for asynchronous database operations to Django's ORM

beautiful-jekyll icon beautiful-jekyll

:sparkles: Build a beautiful and simple website in literally minutes. Demo at

bettertg icon bettertg

Telegram client for iOS fully in SwiftUI

blogger-bot icon blogger-bot

Telegram bot that uses NLTK to create small summarized texts from long articles. Easy to create Linkedin (and other) blog posts.

bot_course_api icon bot_course_api

Реализует или проксирует необходимые API для курса по написанию ботов

catbot icon catbot

Telegram Bot that sends you cat gifs from

clarifai-python icon clarifai-python

DEPRECATED Clarifai API Python Client, use instead

desktop icon desktop

Simple collaboration from your desktop

devicecheck icon devicecheck

Reduce fraudulent use of your services by managing device state and asserting app integrity via Apple DeviceCheck API with this Python wrapper.

dvhb-hybrid icon dvhb-hybrid

A package to mix django and asyncio in one application

egecountdown_bot icon egecountdown_bot

EGEcountdown_bot. Simple countdown to Unified State Exam 2017 in Russia. Very easy to install with Google App Engine.

freelancing-in-finland icon freelancing-in-finland

The ultimate resource for transitioning to freelancing for software developers 👩‍💻🇫🇮

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