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marmelab's Projects

admin-config icon admin-config

Configuration API to describe an administration interface. Used by ng-admin and react-admin.

admin-on-rest icon admin-on-rest

A frontend framework for building admin SPAs on top of REST services, using React and Material Design.

admin-on-rest-demo icon admin-on-rest-demo

Source of the admin-on-rest react.js demo, using a dummy REST service powered by FakeRest

aor-graphql icon aor-graphql

Packages related to using GraphQL with Admin-on-rest

aor-ory icon aor-ory

Admin-on-rest addon to use Ory for rich text contents

aor-permissions icon aor-permissions

A component for Admin-on-rest allowing to switch views depending on user permissions. Eg: having different PostEdit components for different users

aor-rich-text-input icon aor-rich-text-input

<RichTextInput> component for admin-on-rest, useful for editing HTML code in admin GUIs

api-platform-admin icon api-platform-admin

A beautiful and fully-featured administration interface builder for hypermedia APIs

archeologit icon archeologit

Where should you focus the maintenance efforts? ArcheoloGit is a visualization of age and dev activity for software, powered by d3.js.

architecturetree icon architecturetree

Draw and share your software architecture without diagramming software. Uses d3.js and Angular.js.

argos icon argos

docker monitoring experiment

asteroids.js icon asteroids.js

A one day experiment to bringing the Asteroids game to the browser, using a mobile device as controller, Node.js, Raphaël, and

awale-go icon awale-go

Turn based awale game for command-line, written in #golang

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