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Michael Anthony's Projects

1-liners icon 1-liners

Functional tools that couldn’t be simpler.

18-327-wavelets-filter-banks icon 18-327-wavelets-filter-banks

This repository is an implementation, using Python with numpy, scipy, matlibplot, PyWavelets and GNU Octave, of MIT OCW 18.327 spring 2003 Wavelets, Filter Banks, and Applications.

1984 icon 1984

JavaScript microevents over WebSockets. Data porn for the data inclined.

2xbr-filter icon 2xbr-filter

A JavaScript implementation of Hyllian's xBR filter (xBR stands for: scales By Rules)

3d-camera icon 3d-camera

An easy to use camera for WebGL applications

3d-env-editor icon 3d-env-editor

Environment submodule for sky, water, clouds, sunlight, fog etc

3dhop icon 3dhop

3D Heritage Online Presenter

3dj icon 3dj

Supercollider Real-Time Sound Spatialization Framework

3dmol.js icon 3dmol.js

WebGL accelerated JavaScript molecular graphics library

3ource icon 3ource

browser based git source visualization with three.js

433utils icon 433utils

433Kit is a collection of code and documentation designed to assist you in the connection and usage of RF 433MHz transmit and receive modules to/with your Arduino and Rapberry Pi.

6502js icon 6502js

A JavaScript 6502, 65Org16 and 65Org32 assembler and simulator

aaf icon aaf

AAF - Advanced Authoring Format SDK

abc2scratch icon abc2scratch

edit and listen to music written in ABC format then export midi/scratch/image

ableplayer icon ableplayer

fully accessible cross-browser HTML5 media player.

acap25 icon acap25

Trunking P25 receiver from the ground up with emphasis on readability and performance

ace icon ace

Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

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