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Nick Fox's Projects

100daysofswiftui icon 100daysofswiftui

A repo for 100 Days of Swift UI (

about-swiftui icon about-swiftui

Gathering all info published, both by Apple and by others, about new framework SwiftUI.

appium icon appium

:iphone: Automation for iOS, Android, and Windows Apps.

dat8 icon dat8

General Assembly's Data Science course in Washington, DC

documentation icon documentation

The Branch Metrics Developer Documentation. Branch helps mobile apps grow with deep links / deeplinks that power referral systems, sharing links and invites with full attribution and analytics.

fastlane icon fastlane

Connect all iOS deployment tools into one streamlined workflow

gitignore icon gitignore

A collection of useful .gitignore templates

horizoncalendar icon horizoncalendar

A declarative, performant, iOS calendar UI component that supports use cases ranging from simple date pickers all the way up to fully-featured calendar apps.

ios-oss icon ios-oss

Kickstarter for iOS. Bring new ideas to life, anywhere.

jazzy icon jazzy

Soulful docs for Swift & Objective-C

keyboardobserving icon keyboardobserving

⌨️A Combine-based way to observe and adjust for Keyboard notifications in SwiftUI

lottie-ios icon lottie-ios

An iOS library to natively render After Effects vector animations

pixyll icon pixyll

A simple, beautiful Jekyll theme that's mobile first

pyqb icon pyqb

A python module for the Quickbase API

swiftformat icon swiftformat

A code library and command-line formatting tool for reformatting Swift code

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