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stanzhengdev's Projects

adopt-a-drain icon adopt-a-drain

A web application that allows citizens to "adopt" a storm drain in Norfolk, Virginia

auro icon auro

1st Most Fastest, Latest Designed and open source Music player

bcc icon bcc

BCC - Tools for BPF-based Linux IO analysis, networking, monitoring, and more

blog icon blog

Blog :book: Built with Hugo. Goal is to keep up to date

borg icon borg

Deduplicating archiver with compression and authenticated encryption.

calc icon calc

stack based cli-calculator in python

castlefall icon castlefall

a party word game with hidden teams for ~six to ten people

cloud-functions-emulator icon cloud-functions-emulator

A local emulator for Google Cloud Functions that allows you to deploy, run, and debug your Cloud Functions on your local machine before deploying them to the production Google Cloud Functions service.

demo icon demo

Securing Alice's, Bob's and Carl's software supply chain using in-toto

echo icon echo

High performance, minimalist Go web framework

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