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Nicki Hoffman's Projects

Bugs-Language photo Bugs-Language

Starter files for a CIT 594-2015 assignment. The "Bugs" Language is based loosely on Logo, but the program controls multiple "bugs", rather than a single "turtle."

game_of_life photo game_of_life

A graphical implementation of Conway's Game of Life coded in C for an undergraduate programming course. Relies on custom includes, so does not run as-is.

jove photo jove

jupyter notebooks for demoing or trying something

NPP_Languages photo NPP_Languages

User-defined language(s) for syntax highlighting in Notepad++

photoblog-kit photo photoblog-kit

Plugin with post type, taxonomies, and tools for a photography blog.

ps_meso photo ps_meso

A mesostic generator coded in Python & Django (original 2013, refactored 2014); to be used in future sessions of Modern & Contemporary American Poetry MOOC on Coursera.

Wator photo Wator

A partially-working version of the classic Wator simulation, used as a class project in CIT 594-2014.

wordpress photo wordpress

Child theme, snippets, and scripts for a WordPress site.

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