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NPP_Languages's Introduction

NPP Languages

Currently contains a single user-defined language, for a simple assembly language corresponding to the theoretical LC4 ISA used in CS courses at the University of Pennsylvania. Font colors chosen to work with a dark background.

If you have an older version of Notepad++ (< 6.2), use LC4.xml; it may also work in version 6.2, but the language file format was updated with that release, and I don't know about the backwards compatibility. The format was updated again with version 6.3, and there is an updated LC4 file for that format (LC4-udl2_1.xml).


1. Go to View > User-Defined Dialogue... (or Language > Define your language...)
2. Click Import...
3. Select the language xml file to import and click Open
4. Restart Notepad++

The new language should appear in the Language menu, toward the bottom near User-Defined.

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